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  1. Reply Džiugas

    Theres a patch with Teams’ logos, Players’ and Managers’ photos ? I don’t see him

  2. Reply Matt

    How can we contact the team to find out about a mac version of the patch?

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  4. Reply Alex

    I have difficulties in making the patch work. Can anybody help me?

  5. Reply timegou

    Υπάρχει καποιος τρόπος να μεταφερουμε τα save μας απ το pc στο mac?

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Όχι σε αυτή την version αλλά από την επόμενη (σε 10-15 μέρες) θα υπάρχει.

  6. Reply vaggelis bakaras

    Do you have any news about the transfer patch(January-February)?

  7. Reply Vaggelis Bakaras

    Any news about the transfer patch?i have bought the game and i am waiting for the patch to start play!!

  8. Reply tom

    shit, tired of waiting until everything is fixed, unnecessarily bought

  9. Reply vaggelis bakaras

    i do not think that the logos patch will come out soon and the WBM team are not responsible!it is a fan made patch and as i recall the team said that they have lost communication with them!and now i address to the team,we are still waiting for the new transfer patch! let us know of the progress!if it is not ready yet i am gonna start the game without it!

  10. Reply timegou

    meta tin kainourgia version tou paixnidiou den douleyoun ta real names se mac me 10.12.4….

  11. Reply Paul Cr

    The patches do not work. I have downloaded the real names patch but I keep receiving a message telling me that the database is encrypted and the patch does not work

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      You are using the old real names patch (before version with the new version (after Just download again and follow the instructions.

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