All WBM2 users should visit this site. It offers a free download of the famous Real Names patch.
There is also another patch with Teams’ logos, Players’ and Managers’ photos (14.326 images included!).
The 2 great fan-made patches work with WBM2!
Just visit

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  1. Reply Džiugas

    Theres a patch with Teams’ logos, Players’ and Managers’ photos ? I don’t see him

  2. Reply Matt

    How can we contact the team to find out about a mac version of the patch?

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  4. Reply Alex

    I have difficulties in making the patch work. Can anybody help me?

  5. Reply timegou

    Υπάρχει καποιος τρόπος να μεταφερουμε τα save μας απ το pc στο mac?

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Όχι σε αυτή την version αλλά από την επόμενη (σε 10-15 μέρες) θα υπάρχει.

  6. Reply vaggelis bakaras

    Do you have any news about the transfer patch(January-February)?

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