New WBM2 version is available for download.

The new version uses a new lock system that is the same for Windows and Mac users.
All old users will receive automatically a new serial to activate the new version, so please check your email (including the spam folder).

Download the new version from here:

Notice that the data editor is missing from the new version. In the next 15 days a completely new data editor will be released as a separate download.

The new data editor that will work on Windows and MacOs, will be super fast, more stable and user friendly.


Version 2.0.17 changes list.

  • Added the new database from the research team that includes most of the winter transfers.
  • PC and Mac versions use now the same save. You can transfer and continue your game from a Windows to a Mac computer.
  • PC and Mac versions have now the same lock system.
  • Trial/Demo version is now different. You can play for free until December 14 and then you can activate your game and continue.
  • Added the missing “All” filter on Statistics page after the 1st season.
  • Fixed the Games value on players’ averages. After first season it was always 1 and the calculations was wrong.
  • Close button ( X ) changed in order to do the same action with trial button.
  • Fixed a crash on new game.  There was an invalid cast exception if the manager’s name was null.
  • The game now updates the players’ experience after match for human players.
  • On search results, the game now fetches news first and not last.
  • Fixed the wrong rendering on player previous clubs text. There was a lot of empty space.
  • Fixed a crash on team statistics.
  • Added the missing date of birth on players and managers.
  • Retired players no longer appear on NT rosters.
  • Human managers now age correctly.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the human player to train injured players.
  • Team targets now appear correctly at the end of the season.
  • Is not that easy anymore to win tournaments just by simulating matches, even if you set Coaching at the maximum (20).
  • The game now uses the template database from My Documents location.
  • Players with low condition now get injured more often.
  • Injured players’ page now updates the same day and not the next.
  • Daily transfers are now 200 per day so team rosters will be filled faster.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some National teams to have less or more than 12 players.
  • Fixed a minor problem with injured players match roster status.



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  1. Reply Tomas

    Hello there!

    What a brilliant game! Well done indeed. Took no time in getting used to it and for me, maybe the only thing that is still a bit confusing, is the team budget. Haven’t played the original WBM, so don’t know whether it was the same system back then, but personally I prefer simulators where I have to manage with a varying sum of money. Also, it gets a little annoying when players become unhappy with their contracts due to their improvement. For example, having renewed a players contract at the beginning of the season (and overpaying him at the time) can still lead to a situation, when he becomes disappointed with a “low” salary (even though he just renewed for the next 3-4 years..). Also, renewing players at the end of the season only appears to work, but they become free agents at the end of a season (maybe due to a increase in salary?). Maybe it would be good to add a deadline for transfers and renewals (as this applies to both Europe and NBA in reality).

    But again, superb work.
    P.S. when can we expect a new editor? : )

  2. Reply John Dembowski

    Where is the new data editor? I just bought the game but it does not have the data editor included yet.

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      A new data editor is being developed that will work both for Windows and Mac users. Will be released for free when is ready.

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