New WBM2 version is available for download.

The new version uses a new lock system that is the same for Windows and Mac users.
All old users will receive automatically a new serial to activate the new version, so please check your email (including the spam folder).

Download the new version from here:

Notice that the data editor is missing from the new version. In the next 15 days a completely new data editor will be released as a separate download.

The new data editor that will work on Windows and MacOs, will be super fast, more stable and user friendly.


Version 2.0.17 changes list.

  • Added the new database from the research team that includes most of the winter transfers.
  • PC and Mac versions use now the same save. You can transfer and continue your game from a Windows to a Mac computer.
  • PC and Mac versions have now the same lock system.
  • Trial/Demo version is now different. You can play for free until December 14 and then you can activate your game and continue.
  • Added the missing “All” filter on Statistics page after the 1st season.
  • Fixed the Games value on players’ averages. After first season it was always 1 and the calculations was wrong.
  • Close button ( X ) changed in order to do the same action with trial button.
  • Fixed a crash on new game.  There was an invalid cast exception if the manager’s name was null.
  • The game now updates the players’ experience after match for human players.
  • On search results, the game now fetches news first and not last.
  • Fixed the wrong rendering on player previous clubs text. There was a lot of empty space.
  • Fixed a crash on team statistics.
  • Added the missing date of birth on players and managers.
  • Retired players no longer appear on NT rosters.
  • Human managers now age correctly.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the human player to train injured players.
  • Team targets now appear correctly at the end of the season.
  • Is not that easy anymore to win tournaments just by simulating matches, even if you set Coaching at the maximum (20).
  • The game now uses the template database from My Documents location.
  • Players with low condition now get injured more often.
  • Injured players’ page now updates the same day and not the next.
  • Daily transfers are now 200 per day so team rosters will be filled faster.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some National teams to have less or more than 12 players.
  • Fixed a minor problem with injured players match roster status.



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  1. Reply Tomas

    Hello there!

    What a brilliant game! Well done indeed. Took no time in getting used to it and for me, maybe the only thing that is still a bit confusing, is the team budget. Haven’t played the original WBM, so don’t know whether it was the same system back then, but personally I prefer simulators where I have to manage with a varying sum of money. Also, it gets a little annoying when players become unhappy with their contracts due to their improvement. For example, having renewed a players contract at the beginning of the season (and overpaying him at the time) can still lead to a situation, when he becomes disappointed with a “low” salary (even though he just renewed for the next 3-4 years..). Also, renewing players at the end of the season only appears to work, but they become free agents at the end of a season (maybe due to a increase in salary?). Maybe it would be good to add a deadline for transfers and renewals (as this applies to both Europe and NBA in reality).

    But again, superb work.
    P.S. when can we expect a new editor? : )

  2. Reply John Dembowski

    Where is the new data editor? I just bought the game but it does not have the data editor included yet.

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      A new data editor is being developed that will work both for Windows and Mac users. Will be released for free when is ready.

  3. Reply qosak

    hey guys, date of steam sale was expected at the end of April but still not available in store. Any further update or plan has changed ?

  4. Reply Αιμίλιος

    εγω το εχω κατεβασει απο τα χριστουγεννα και παταω να ανοιξει το παιχνιδι αλλα δεν ανοιγει…ξερετε τι μπορει να εχει συμβει;;

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Unistall και install πάλι. Αν το πρόβλημα συνεχίζει στείλε ένα email για tech support.

  5. Reply Peter

    Hi. I like this game but when can I get the editor? Also do you consider to add the trade and draft into the game?

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      We plan to release the new editor before the end of the summer or together with the next free database update in October. It will be of course free for all existing users.
      yes we plan to add Loans, Trades and Draft with the next version.

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      We plan to release the new editor before the end of the summer or together with the next free database update in October. It will be of course free for all existing users.

  6. Reply Γιάννης

    Καλημέρα και συγχαρητήρια για την εξαιρετική δουλειά. Θα ήθελα να μάθω εάν υπάρχει άλλος τρόπος για να πάρω το παιχνίδι εκτός από το PayPal. Δεν γνωρίζω καθόλου πως λειτουργεί αυτό και μιας και δεν κάνω αγορές από το Internet δεν είχα σκοπό να ανοίξω λογαριασμό εκεί. Σας ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων για την απάντηση.

  7. Reply Nikos

    giati den yparxei epilogh gia panw apo enan player? se ola ta alla wbm pou eixa paiksei mporouses na exeis osous human players theleis.

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Βασικά χρησιμοποιούταν για να γίνουν cheats στο παιχνίδι με εικονικές μεταγραφές. Ελπίζουμε να καταφέρουμε να βάλουμε κανονικό multiplayer σε επόμενες version.

  8. Reply Jason

    I saw that you reply me that the editor will be ready at the end of summer.From where i can download?
    Also in this editor version can i change the budgets of the clubs?

  9. Reply José Luis Cuenca

    Hi all. My name is José Luis and I’m from Spain.

    I’m a supporter and a player of the game since the 03/04 version and I’ve enjoyed the game for years. I don’t know where but somewhere on the web I’ve read some coment asking for the players to write some suggestions about the game and I’d like to write some of them. As I don’t know where to do it, I’ll do it here.

    Well, my report or/and suggestion is simply short. I’d rate the game with a 9. The only thing the game need to reach the 10 is:
    – More deffense options while playing. We are only able to defend with 2/3, 3/2, individual and press, and as basketball fans we know there are another zone defense options such as 1-3-1, mixed zone or zone press.
    – More controlable options over the simulation matches. It’d be nice to decide which defensive or offensive system would you like to play. A former Spanish basketball management game in the 90s (PC Basket), added this feat with a percentage system. When you were about to play a game with result mode, you chose, with a percentage, how much time your team would play inside attacking or outside attacking, as well as decide the deffensive system preferred by the team before the match, or betwen quarters. Obviously, PC Basket is obsolete nowadays, but this feat was really interesting and I still find interesting to play PC Basket nowadays, 20 years later.
    – The last thing is that, I found that the game has a lack of options around contracting players. I find it too hard to do it. In example, in real life, we know that a player in his last year of contract, can be signed by another team without paying a transfer fee to the origin team, but we are unable to do that in the game. Instead of that, you my wait the player to end his contract and becoming a free agent to offer him a contract without paying a transfer fee to his last team.

    And I think that’s all. With those tree features, I’d rate the game with a 10.

    Anyway, I’ll follow buying and playing the game as I’ve been doing since the 03/04 version.

    Greetings from Spain

  10. Reply Giorgis

    Ρε σεις έχουμε φτάσει τέλη Οκτώβρη, που είναι το update και το editor date;
    Επίσης φτιάξε το θέμα με τις μεταγραφές. δεν γίνεται να πουλιούνται μέτριοι παίχτες για πλάκα στο nba και να μπορώ να αγοράζω εύκολα παίχτες από το nba. Πχ πούλησα τον Μπουρούση στους warriors και τον Φελντέιν στους Χιτ και πήρα Παπαγιάννη και Χεζόνια για πλάκα. Σε ένα άλλο save με Μακάμπι πούλησα 3-4 παίχτες και πήρα εύκολα Σρέντερ(!!!!!!!) και Οκαφόρ(!!!!)

  11. Reply Paco

    Good game!! Are you keep working in add Loans, Trades and Draft for a new version??

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