The new version is essential as it fixes many problems in the game. It also adds the database editor. We strongly recommend all WBM2 users to install the new version.
Just download from here:
Please make sure that you uninstall your previous version of the game before to install the new one.

This is the new version change list:
• Adds the offline database editor.
• Fixes a bug, on the calculation of the play offs’ home court advantage for some tournaments.
• The titles are now registered correctly to the teams and not only to the managers.
• Fixes the wrong manager’s nationality in case the user didn’t select a new one and kept the default.
• Fixes the bug on save and exit on match view.
• Fixes several errors in English text.
• Fixes the tournament progress bug. In case we had only one match left on the phase and that match was human match then if the player played (not simulated) the match it didn’t progress the winner to the next phase.
• Fixes the problem with the double entries in the manager’s short list.
• Deletes from the short list the retired players.
• Several fixes concerning database corruption data and game engine.
• Fixes the error with the results of the first manager’s demand.

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  1. Reply Chris

    I cant seem to get the editor to work guys… It seems to save (which it does not do at all apparently) to a db inside the documents folder, not inside the installation folder on my hard drive. When I hit ‘validate databsase’ or ‘save grid’ it does not do anything whatsoever. The changes are also not taken over into the game. I used the editor for the old WBM and it worked most of the time. Am I doing anything wrong? I also ran the editor as administrator as advised in the introduction.
    Kind regards, Chris

  2. Reply Τimos egou

    Εαν ξε-εγκαταστήσουμε τη παλιά έκδοση και βάλουμε τη καινουργια θα χουμε θέμα με την ενεργοποίηση?


    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Κανένα θέμα θα δουλέψει κανονικά.

      • Reply Matt

        Excellent, will it have a discount for early orders or full price?

        • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

          Mac version will be send to the users that preorder the game this Monday January 30. 2017.
          These are the users that preorderd at a special price until December 27.
          A few days later Mac version will be available for everybody. There will not be a new preorder period.

          • Matt

            It was only available on windows though, no mention of Mac on the pre-release other than to say it was being released later.

  3. Reply Artem

    Is it possible to increase club budget with data editor? I changed starting cash in editor but budget didn’t change in the game

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      No it just gets recalculated according to the rosters worth.

  4. Reply Arta

    I can’t change resolution in the game and I can’t take time out because is not working.

    • Reply Arta

      I find out that you can’t take time out when you on pause so it’s working. But resolution I still can’t change. When I press it empty field appears.

      • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

        Please send an email with the problem to get proper support from the programmers. In any case you can change resolution manually by editing the user.config file inside “…Mydocuments/WBM2” just edit to whatever resolution you want.

  5. Reply vasilhs


    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Όχι, επίτηδες έχουμε κόψει και την επιλογή να φορτώνεις βάση πέρα από την template.

  6. Reply Stratos

    Πως δουλεύει ο editor?

    Μπορώ να προσθέσω ή να αφαιρέσω κάποιον παίκτη στην ομάδα χωρίς κάποιο περιορισμό ή έχει να κανει με το budget?

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Ξαναυπολογίζεται το budget ανάλογα με τους παίκτες που βάζεις και βγάζεις.

  7. Reply ΑΙΜ

    Ρε μαγκες αν μπορειτε καντε να προστιθενται τα τροπαια και στις ιστοριες των ομαδων…και να μεγαλωνουν και οι προπονητες χρονια με την χρονια

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Αυτό με τα τρόπαια έχει διορθωθεί μετά την έκδοση
      Την ηλικία του προπονητή που αναφέρεις, σίγουρα βλέπεις να μην μεγαλώνει; Στο WBM2 δεν μεγαλώνουν πλέον ανά σεζόν αλλά στην ημερομηνία των γενεθλίων τους, όπως και οι παίκτες.

  8. Reply Abel

    Hello, same problem with friendly match button and nothing about training centers that is talked about in the manual.

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Arrange for friendlies Will be added in future versions. Training centers are available at the end of every season.

  9. Reply qosak

    Hi guys,
    when will we able to buy the game from steam store ? never or soon ? 😀

  10. Reply monchodf

    Thanks for the Mac versionn! How can I install the real names patch in a Mac?

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      We have no connection with the users that create the real names and images patches. You must contact them or wait for them to release.

  11. Reply Francisco Ponce Gallego

    Wher is the editor in the new version for Windows

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      We are working on it. Sorry for the delay. We started a new editor from scratch that works both on Windows and MacOs and is more stable and fast than the old one.

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