New released date for the game is September 25th 2016.
As we have already missed the current basketball season we feel that there is no point to release the game during summer and before the start of the new 2016-17 basketball season.

Current status of the game:
The game is still in beta mode for the interface/browser engine and in Alpha mode for the match engine. You can view the in-game video that we have uploaded to see the current status of the game here:

Why the big delay in the development?
Since WBM2 is a completely new game, and the team members work part time on this, we encountered many problems, delays and an overwhelming amount of bugs (as usual). Financial situation in Greece is still terrible and getting worst every day. This affects all companies and freelancers in the country. Add to that an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign, some health problems and the occasional burnout and you get the picture.

We want to thank you for your support and patience. We get several emails and messages every day asking about WBM2 status and the release date. We promise that we will make our best to finish and deliver a great game.

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  1. Reply Nikos London

    I saw that in the home page it mentions that the Mac version development is 80% complete. Do you plan on releasing the Mac version of the game on the same date?

    Thanks and looking forward to play the game.

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