Our new website is now online in order to support the upcoming release of the game.

The new website  is funded by National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007 – 2013.

All information about the development of the new game will go here from now on.

We are trying for a Q2 2015 release of the game.

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  1. Reply kostas mastorakis

    εχω το world basket ball manager k to tycoon κ ενδιαφερομε κ για αυτο

  2. Reply Nik

    will there be any 2D or a 3D game simulation?
    if the answer is no, then it would be great if you could explain to me why you don t try or prefer to make 2D or 3D simulation of games….The game value it would be much greater
    if the answer is yes, just TAKE MY MONEY!

  3. Reply @αα

    Υπάρχει κανένα νέο; θα βγει τελικά το παιχνίδι;

  4. Reply Andy

    I am fan of World Basketball manager and Tycoon and i wait this WBM2 🙂 .I search old games of WBM likes wbm 2001 🙂

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