Real Time Match

WBM features an incredibly well-balanced, real-time match algorithm, with realistic results and challenging A.I. 
All the player and manager attributes are calculated during the match. And there are also special considerations including match’s crucial moments, clutch players, match importance, player temperaments, disturbances by the fans, traditional enemy teams and much more. 

The managers control lineups, offensive and defensive tactics, play speed, special orders like going for offensive rebound after score attempts, or going for intentional fouls in an effort to stop the clock). During time-outs, there are options for special offensive planning and morale boosting. 

The match action features live commentary and ambient sound that responds to crowd attendance, crowd temperament, match importance, as well as the events in the course of the game which creates a perfectly realistic match atmosphere. 

Loads of live data are displayed through the stadium scoreboard and the manager’s notes in full detail.

All major basketball action in the world


  • 100+ full playing national and international – club and National team competition 

  • 1200+ clubs and national teams 

  • 20.000+ basketball players 

  • 1.300+ managers 

  • 194 nationalities 

  • 30 characteristics per country 

  • 25 characteristics per team 

  • 51 characteristics per basketball player 

  • 10 characteristics per manager 

  • In-game player search engine with
  • 23 filters 
In-game manager ranking list 

  • Easy to use Editor gives full access to the database

Click here for a list of  playable tournaments included.

Manager Actions

Managers have control of all the actions that their real-life counterparts have, like:

  • Player transfers
  • Short-list filtering
  • Roster line-ups
  • Match coaching
  • Player training
  • Budget allocation
  • Dealing with player psychology
  • Considering job offers from clubs and national teams
  • Promoting youth players


Artificial Intelligence

Team A.I. includes:

  • Setting goals and objectives for every season
  • Manager hiring, evaluating and firing

Opponent Manager A.I. includes:

  • Player transfers and contract offering
  • Roster line-ups
  • Match coaching
  • Player training
  • Budget allocation
  • Dealing with player psychology
  • Considering job offers from clubs and national teams
  • Promoting youth players

Player A.I. includes:

  • Worth evaluation 
Psychological problems
    (participation, team performance, contracts and more) 
  • Evolution through training 

  • Retirement decision according to age and health 

  • Decision to comeback as manager


Player, team, manager and tournament history records.
Daily news coverage, filtered by continent, country or manager
(which is further grouped in personal, opponents and highlights categories)

  • Worth evaluation 

  • Psychological problems
Player injuries
  • Player transfers
  • Manager hiring, resigning, retirement and firing
  • Player, manager and team achievements and distinctions
  • Player comments to the press
  • Player contract renewals, negotiations and cancellations
  • Tournament results and progression tracking

Other Great Features:

Pre Season Training centers

The managers have the ability to select a training center in order to prepare their players for the new season. A good training center will make sure that the players will keep their form for a longer time in the upcoming season, develop better using their hidden potential and have less injuries and psyche problems.

Players’ Form 

Form is an attribute that modifies a player’s psychical attributes. It depends on summer training, match participation and everyday training. So the manager has to find the perfect combination for each player.


Teams with good performance can benefit by signing sponsoring contract with various companies and this means a lot of extra cash for transfers and contracts.

Detailed Training System

Managers have the ability to train their players in all categories controlling at the same time their condition and fatigue. It’s also possible to improve team’s cohesion and zone defending through training.

Opponents scouting

Before every match the managers will receive a scouting report about their next opponent with general info, evaluation, star players, offensive skills to watch out etc.

Tournament Editor

No need to beg developers to add your favorite tournament in the game. Just add it yourself by using the tournament editor.

Data Editor

An easy to use data editor gives you control over all the data in the game and allows you to create or adjust Players, Managers, Stadiums, Clubs and National teams.