Now that the Mac version is also released and with the first data patch coming up in about a week, we feel that we must explain some things to WBM users, especially the old users that support the WBM series for all these years.

Current WBM2 version:
When we started developing WBM2, we decided that we had to throw away everything and start from scratch. We throw away all of the old code and the old database. That was necessary in order to overcome some restrictions the old code and database had. For example it was impossible to create a multi platform game.

This created and overwhelming amount of work for a team of only 3 core developers. On top of that we had not only to recreate everything but to add many new features.
In some more technical but brief details, for the interface we used the open source CGUI library (after we made a conversion for C#, which we also released as open source).
We also got rid of MS Access db and moved to SQLite, moving all queries from the old database in the new code.

The version we now have is a very good base, on which we can continue to improve the game with no restrictions.

As you may remember (if you are an old user), back in 2011 we run a poll among WBM users asking what they miss most in WBM and the leading results were the following:
1. A friendlier user interface
2. Graphical match
3. Improve the simulation speed (a faster game)
4. More Tournaments

So we decided we must meet all of the above demands with the new game.
Our efforts for demands 1, 3, and 4 were successful.
There is no compare between old and new interface. Game speed is 20 times faster and dozens of new tournaments where added since then.
But we were not happy with the development of demand 2 so we decided to give it even more time and add it on a future version of the game.

But apart from the above list, that the users asked for, we have already added many more new features like support for Mac OS, cloud support for your saves (not yet available in the game but ready to use when is time), so that you can use the same save on different computers and platforms wherever you are.
We have also improved many other game features that the users have asked for again and again in facebook, forums and emails. Just to name a few:
– The game now keeps a full history of stats and news for all Tournaments, Teams, Players and Managers forever and not only for the current season.
– Teams now keep more native players in their rosters.
– There are 500% more transfers of signed (not free agent) players.
– The user can now actually sell players if they are any good.
– Contract durations are more realistic.
– You can take academy players in the match roster and use them in the match without the need to sign them.
– You have a full control on the Academy players training in detail, so that you can shape them before to sign them as pro.
– Team cohesion is split in Defensive and Offensive and the managers have a new attribute, called mentality that determines if they create defensive or offensive teams.
– All psychological problems algorithms are improved and there are new categories like the player’s concern about his general form and training program.

There are dozens of new features and improvements in game realism and algorithms that are impossible to mention them all here, but we are sure you will all notice as you play the new game.

In general many old features have new algorithms, and even in places we kept the old, we have tweaked everything in order to run better and faster.

Tournaments, Rosters and our Policy on the new European international competitions:
As we developed, the data researchers (that are all volunteers) did their part to update the database and add new players and teams and we updated most of the big tournaments in their current format.

Facing the ongoing war between FIBA Europe and Uleb that created new European competitions and forced the teams to select side, we had to take some decision for the European tournaments included in WBM2. Our main decision was to go for a better gameplay instead for more realism.

So we created the new Euroleague format, but the teams qualify according to their national league position. It would be a real shame, for a user that controls a small club and manages to win the championship, not to be able to play in Euroleague, if we decided to keep the realistic closed contracts status.

In Eurocup, we made the same decision (so that the best placed teams after those that qualified for Euroleague will play in Eurocup) and we created the original format of 24 teams (before the 4 teams like AEK Athens etc decide to leave for the FIBA Basketball CL). We feel that 20 teams is a strange number for the competition and a last minute necessity.

Finally we kept the old Challenge cup as the 3rd ranked European international tournament, that covers also smaller basketball tournaments and gives to any WBM2 user the chance to play with his team (regardless the country he is in) in an international competition.
Of course Adriatic League and Baltic League are also included.

In any case we feel that the current situation (and competitions) in the European basketball is temporary and that we will be forced to change the competitions in the game again and again, as we have done numerous time in the past.
We wish, like all the European basketball fans, to have unified FIBA and ULEB competitions in the near future.

Coming up next:
We never stop working on the game. So here is a (not yet complete) list of what is under development for the near future:
• A new and better data editor that also works on mac
• The new 2D match engine
• Player loans
• Player trades
• More improvements on the interface (like a page to compare players or buttons to scrolls player’s info pages and many more)
• New tournaments

Thanks for your time and support.

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  1. Reply Michaelo

    Hey guys, the game is great, very competitive, easily the best basketball manager in the world! The upcoming additions seem excellent and very much needed.I had some thoughts about the game that I’d like to share.

    I suggest improving the “search player” section adding for example the option to search player by continent (and European Union-there should be exclusively a search only for E.U. players) and not only by country. This is very important for Europe as there are many restrictions to foreign and European union players and it would be nice if i could search only the E.U. players i can sign. Right now you have to search every European country individually. Very nice that the game doesn’t have the real format of the tournaments because as you said it might change and it’s really better for every team to have a chance to play in Euroleague. Adding a better updated manual and strategy for the game would be nice too, unless you think the game works the same as the old one. Also, maybe having an Assistant that gives a boost to training, mental or coaching.
    The option to change price for matches would be nice too(low,normal,high) for stronger support in some games that you don’t have much attendance but you need a bigger boost from the fans. Also, does a bigger attendance already gives a bigger boost to your home advantage in game?
    Another addition would be changing attendance of the fans depending on team’s performance, if this is not already happening.

    These are just some thoughts i had while playing the game..

    Finally, i have to mention a bug i noticed that causes the game to crash while in a match. It happens randomly sometimes but mostly when i hit the button for the “offense” commands of my team.. And 2 questions 1st) I never fully realized how the “restore” option, in the “load game” screen, works.. 2nd) Will you create a fan forum like the old game, for suggestions and for better communication between the fans and developers?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Thanks for the suggestions and the support.
      Restore Loads the same saved game but 3 to 5 days before. If you restore again you get another 3 to 5 days.
      For now facebook page serves as a forum also.

  2. Reply Mintrer

    Aye so i think the thing that needs the most improvement are the games in my opinion, they can become a little boring at times, you know? Making a 2d or better yet 3d game simulation would be fantastic to all of our eyes. Anyways, i think the game is on point with simulating the feeling of a match, that’s why i love it.

    But something that needs a lot of work too are attributes. Like is the max really only 20? You can get a player from the second league of greece that’s not even in the main line up in matches, and he’ll only be like 5-6 attributes shorter than someone like tony parker (But in each attribute). That may be like 150% more than the normal player which actually seems realistic, it’s not really good for our enjoyment. Most of us like numbers, and like seeing these players level up, even if it’s little changes, more is always better than less (Even if getting less is more efficient, getting more small upgrades is more entertaining).

    I suggest taking the route of 2k games and making the max 100. Anyways, good luck with your game!

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      Probably By the end of April the game will be on steam.

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