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  1. Reply Mike

    Hey guys, i have some questions about the game. First of all the “options button” on the upper left screen(next to back and forth buttons) sends me to the main screen, out of the game. It doesn’t give me any option. Secondly i have some gameplay questions.
    Firstly, i have some players with amazing passing skills but i don’t know what’s the best option to make them pass the ball more or better, so the passes turn into assists. I got a star player with 19 passing skill and 10 experience(although he is not an expert at shooting and tends to miss A LOT of shots) and he has only a 3 assists on average with a good contract and thus, good psychology. I want him to have a leadership role and pass the ball so the game comes through him, so i tend to give him leader role with “any”. But, while it works better than other offensive options, it isn’t enough. I believe you should add an option for those who want to play with “pass first” Pg’s, although without eliminating the chance of him taking some shot. For example having a pass probability of 70% and after that, second option would be taking a shot that he is best at. I should add that his teammates are great shooters but very few of the passes are turned into assists. Most players score through personal actions.

    Also i want to know of what value experience is in the game. Because i played against some very experienced teams(all of their players over 12 experience) and my 9-10 xp players just sucked and lost the ball over and over again even if they were better players overall. I can see that they would make some false decisions against an experienced player but this can’t be happening so many times in a game and for so many games(3 games in a row with experienced teams, my best players with 10 experience just lost the eggs and the pashalia against players with 13 experience). My substitute players are only 5 to 8 experience and they are pretty helpless sometimes(this i find good because i’m not against experience having a good impact on the game). I just wanna know so i will make better roster decisions later. Also i get NO notification of the experience rising on the news section. I get sometimes the xp stat been highlighted green but the stat isn’t higher .
    On the other hand, i think that opponents grow their xp skill faster(normal difficulty). I imagine that players with 5 to 7 xp should get better faster if they play two years with 17 minutes on average and over 65 games per year. For example, a player of mine with 10 xp played 17.7 minutes per game for 84 games and was the first scorer in the world cup(another problem, he DIDN’t get the world cup mvp trophy, maybe because his team was eliminated in the semi finals?), but he still is 10 experience several months after. Or another player, 20 min average and 86 games and he still is at 10 xp midway in the next season. If you could just explain me in a nutshell, how fast xp grows and what should i do to raise it faster, i would be great, thank you in advance..

    So, summarizing,
    -The option button throws me out of the game in the main screen.
    -Passing skills are not of enough value as there isn’t an option to lead the team while giving emphasis on passing first and also only a very small ratio of passes from expert passers become assists. Additionaly, the “any” scoring option leads to many missed shots even if they player prefers to pass more(but still not enough)but without the “any” option a great passer pg(19 passing) results often giving one or none assists in a whole game…. Sometimes he has lots of passes but none of them turned into assists, even with good teammates. Scoring option “none” is not helpful as he is a star player and has to have a leading role but with emphasis on passing.
    -I get no notification for xp rising.
    -I get xp stat highlighted green but the stat hasn’t changed.
    -Players with 5 xp(for example), gain xp reaaaally slowly, seems like they will never have enough experience to be in my starting five but they are too talented to sell them.. Also my star players need the time but younger ones should be able to catch up in the future, otherwise there is no point of having academies in the big teams.
    -Player of mine was the first scorer of World Cup but no player at all won the “best player” trophy, no notification. His team was eliminated in the semi-final.

    -Final question, will there be a loan option and a variety in contract terms(bonus for points for example) in the near future? I think it would be a great addition.

    Excuse me for the long text but i had these thoughts for some time. Thanks a lot, it’s a great game, i’m in anticipation of your answers… A fan of the game from 2003!

    • Reply Thanasis Triantafilou

      The Gear button works like this. It gets you to main page and you select options from there.

      In 2003 version (if you remember since you are an old fan) we had an option for LEAD role with NONE scoring attempt selection. This resulted in so many assists that we had to remove it. Maybe we should tweak this and use it again.

      You get no notification for experience rising because it is certain for all players to raise their exp every day by little. This is why it gets green even before you get a full point of raise.

      Experience rise faster when you have a lower level. For example is 20 times faster to go from 1 to 2 than to go from 19 to 20. This goes for all the attributes in the game.

      Not announcing an MVP for World Cup might be a bug. I am not sure and I have to check.

      Next version will have loans but no money bonuses for performance yet.

      Thanks for your comments and for supporting the game all those years.

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